ACTO Conference: Innovation, Creativity & Effectiveness in Online Therapy

2022 Annual ACTO Conference: Innovation, Creativity and Effectiveness in Online Therapy – Future Proof Your Practice

This year’s conference will be hosted together with the team of onlinevents. There will be a full day session on Saturday November 5th. And an evening program the evening before on November 4th.

Our Conference will be an exciting thought-provoking day with:

  • leading expert speakers, providing a series of presentations of key topics in the field,
  • interactive workshops and
  • time to network and relax together in the online therapeutic professional community.

This is a conference for all mental health practitioners working online, including therapists, psychologists, psychiatrists, social workers and other health care professionals.

Early registration is advised as we expect demand for places to be high.

ACTO Conference Website Page:

This workshop will be hosted on the Zoom meeting platform where we will use our camera and microphones to interact with each other as a group.

All the colleagues at ONLINEVENTS and the presenters we collaborate with are committed to working in a manner consistent with the BACP Ethical Framework, which can be accessed on the link below. When registering for this event you are agreeing to be present and interact in a manner that is consistent with this Framework.

Why a business risk assessment is important for your practice

FREE webinar Introduction to business Risk assessment-with specific reference to online working

Understanding how to undertake a risk assessment is important for all businesses, organisations including counsellors and therapists working online. In this free webinar, Mel Wilson (Integrative Therapist) and Dave (cyber security specialist) will show you why risk assessments are necessary and will also provide some useful hints and tips.

In this introduction we will explore how to initiate this process and the considerations & mitigation you might want to include as well as a discussion on individual areas should time allow. For example, this is not just about blindly following is ‘X the right program to use’…. or ‘what is the security of Y’.

Risk assessments incorporate the need to function as a business, the requirements of the customer base and the necessity of protecting the business and clients from cyber and other potential attacks and data breaches. There is no one size fits all…

Mel is an Integrative Therapist working online with Children, Young People and adults. She holds a MSc in Evolutionary psychology, which covers many things including human risk assessment strategies. She is currently a PhD, doctoral candidate in Computer Science, with a strong psychology influence around the risks & mitigations for CYP during the Covid pandemic period. Or more simply a cyber psychologist.

Prior to moving towards psychology & psychotherapy she had been, and continues to be, a Company Director from the age of 18, running small to multi-million pound companies and has also been a Trustee Chair in charities. Risk assessment being part of her remit including laboratories, factories, construction, stunt work, long term CYP exchanges, business risk and many other areas.

Dave works in cyber security having done so in the public and private sector since leaving the Royal Signals 22 years ago after 11 years of service. He has worked in a variety of high-risk businesses focusing on cyber risk.

He has a PGDip in Cyber Security and is in the process of completing his MSc in Cyber Security, where his research is around risk perception, and confidence in formal risk decision making.

How to get more enquiries from your web presence

In the workshop, we will show you how you can take steps to improve the visibility of your website, making it easier for people to find you

Workshop led by Vauna Beauvais & Mieke Haveman

Date & Time: Thursday 28th July at 1.30pm (this workshop will be recorded)

ACTO directors Vauna Beauvais and Mieke Haveman will explain what is meant by the term SEO – Search Engine Optimisation – and why it matters. They will update you on the work ACTO is doing to improve its’ own website visibility – and how you can optimise your own websites with keyword rich and relevant content.

Join us for an informative, interactive workshop which will help take your online practice to the next level.

Workshop content

 Define SEO/why it matters

 Principles of SEO

 How to start

 What ACTO is doing to increase its SEO

o We may present a visual of 3-4 keywords to show improvement (we will start measuring various landing pages using Google Console)

o Improvements in the Click Through Rate (CTR) on the Directory landing page. (If no improvement in the CTR before the webinar we can tell the members what we are doing to increase this rate).

o We need to populate the Directory landing page and others with keyword-rich content

· What members can do to optimise their own profiles

o Populating their listings

o Keyword-rich content

o ACTO logo/links to ACTO

o Backlinks

This workshop is for ACTO members and will be recorded. If you do not wish to be recorded we advice that you keep your camera off.

Provide end-to-end mental health care with Tacklit

Demand for online therapy has increased a lot in the past two years, and yet the technology to manage your practice hasn’t really caught up.

Most software available is built for small businesses, and therapists are forced to make it work for their mental health practices by making different systems work together, while navigating GDPR and security concerns.

This webinar is for ACTO members, and hosted by our friends at Tacklit.

Tacklit is an online platform designed as an end-to-end mental health platform, by therapists, for therapists.

In this webinar we’ll look at what an end-to-end mental health platform means to online therapists, and their clients:

  • Go beyond the calendar. What does end-to-end care look like for your clients?
  • Say goodbye to copy/paste. The benefits of using a single platform to manage your whole practice.
  • Lock it down. The GDPR compliance challenges of online therapy and using (or not using) digital tools to store client records.
  • “Where did I save that..?” Keep all records, case-notes, reports, and invoices in one user-friendly, intuitive and secure platform

This event is for ACTO members only and will be recorded for use in our member library. If you are interested in becoming an ACTO member please contact our admin department.

Discover ACTO’s new Members only web pages!

ACTO’s website now has a whole section just for members.
Come along to discover for yourself how to access and use the various new features

What the workshop will cover:

Mieke and members of the Digital Media team will give you a guided tour around the new member’s area and tell you what you can find there. It is the first time we have been able to offer this exciting new feature for our members.

We will go over the following:-

• ACTO’s International directory

• Where to find the pages of our organisational members and their members’ only offers

• Where you can watch the replay of webinars

• Explore our new special interest sections where we will be gathering information on several important topics

• Receive a short presentation on what makes your directory entry stand out

If there is time we would love to hear your feedback…and hear what else you would like us to add.

We are also looking for more volunteers to join and help us populate the international directory and the special interest groups. If you would like to be included please let us know.

Some of our groups hold regular meetings and others are only just starting up.

However, we would love to welcome you and hope you will become part of this time of growth for the online world.

Book your place today!

Online Supervision – a crucial role for online therapy

Find out why it is so important to have training in online supervision when you are an online supervisor.

This session on online supervision will include both working with individuals and with groups, the consequences of providing supervision to online therapists who deliver their therapy either online or in a hybrid way.

Covid catapulted online therapy to the front of the mental health talking professions and consequently specialist online supervision is required to support online therapy. Pip has noticed a number of trends and changes as a result of the pandemic; she will discuss these, as they have an important impact on the supervision we supply and will require all of us to adapt with these trends. Online supervisors are in a very honoured position as we hear from so many online therapists which means we can spot trends often before others.

Anything digital is evolutionary, with rapid change, equally anything to do with online therapy and online supervision is going through equally rapid evolutionary changes – if we don’t keep up with these advances, supervisors, supervisees and most importantly our clients, lose out and get left behind.

Pip will base her session on her six dimension model which she is soon to publish. The session will be based around a case study designed to give participants a chance to discuss the issues that arise and how they might have managed the situation as well as sharing their views of the current situation in supervision. With the rapid increase in the number of trained online therapists it is evident that the profession needs more online supervisors, and currently there is a great shortage.

Pip will also be talking about getting the best out of your own supervision.

Further training

For those interested in training as an online supervisor (or to work in blended situations) The Academy for Online Therapy has a diploma in face to face, blended and online supervision course starting on 27th April with Pip as its course director. Many people believe that a training in online supervision isn’t necessary…. Pip will demonstrate why she believes training for online supervision is essential.

Workshop: Creating a great profile picture

Research by LinkedIn reveals that people are 14 times more likely to click on a profile containing a photo. Don’t miss out!

Research by LinkedIn reveals that people are 14 times more likely to click on a profile containing a photo. Similar feedback also shows that many people prefer to see a photo before they engage with a therapist. So it is a pity to miss out on an important opportunity to show your face.

Since we launched the new ACTO website, we have noticed that many professional and senior professional members have not yet uploaded a photo to their directory entry.

Therefore in this workshop we are going to show you:

 How to reduce the size of your photo to the correct dimensions

 Uploading it successfully onto your profile.

During the short workshop, you can follow each step using your own laptop. We do encourage you use a laptop and not a mobile phone during this workshop.

About Mieke

Mieke is on the ACTO Board of Directors and manages the website. Mieke has particular expertise in using WordPress websites and social media.

Mieke will guide you through the steps of uploading your photos and along the way she will also give some tips on what makes a good profile photo.

When and where?

Tuesday March 29th at 12:00 UK time. This event will take place through Zoom. Please reserve your place .

What do I need?

 A good profile picture of yourself

 A laptop computer

 Your log in details for the ACTO website

Don’t wait too long to get your tickets as spaces are limited.

The challenges of working across borders – and how to address them

For the first webinar, ACTO are delighted that Steve Johnson has agreed to share with us his experience as an insurance broker.

March 2022 sees the start of ACTO’s monthly webinars series. The webinars will be free for members – and this first one is free for anyone to join.

For the first webinar, ACTO are delighted that Steve Johnson has agreed to share with us his experience as an insurance broker.

About Steve

Steve has been an insurance broker all his working life. For the last 34 years he has specialised in professional liability insurance for the psychological professions including counsellors and psychotherapists – and has been involved with online therapy from its very beginnings. Steve ran Oxygen Insurance from its launch in 2010 until he left last year to join Partners& Insurance where he has been working on a new insurance facility which will be ready for launch next month. The brand name will be… &Breathe.

About the Webinar

The questions we are asked most often at ACTO revolve around insurance issues. The session will cover the challenges of working across borders including data protection laws, financial sanctions, regulation, insurance and local infrastructure.