How to get more enquiries from your web presence

In the workshop, we will show you how you can take steps to improve the visibility of your website, making it easier for people to find you

Workshop led by Vauna Beauvais & Mieke Haveman

Date & Time: Thursday 28th July at 1.30pm (this workshop will be recorded)

ACTO directors Vauna Beauvais and Mieke Haveman will explain what is meant by the term SEO – Search Engine Optimisation – and why it matters. They will update you on the work ACTO is doing to improve its’ own website visibility – and how you can optimise your own websites with keyword rich and relevant content.

Join us for an informative, interactive workshop which will help take your online practice to the next level.

Workshop content

 Define SEO/why it matters

 Principles of SEO

 How to start

 What ACTO is doing to increase its SEO

o We may present a visual of 3-4 keywords to show improvement (we will start measuring various landing pages using Google Console)

o Improvements in the Click Through Rate (CTR) on the Directory landing page. (If no improvement in the CTR before the webinar we can tell the members what we are doing to increase this rate).

o We need to populate the Directory landing page and others with keyword-rich content

· What members can do to optimise their own profiles

o Populating their listings

o Keyword-rich content

o ACTO logo/links to ACTO

o Backlinks

This workshop is for ACTO members and will be recorded. If you do not wish to be recorded we advice that you keep your camera off.

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