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If online therapy is new for you it can be hard deciding which therapist to choose. That is why we have made this section on the website for you. Here you will find information to help you decide and of course our Directories of highly trained therapists and supervisors.

If you are in immediate need of help click here for suggestions.

Are you in crisis?
Click on the link to see some resources to get emergency helpFind out more
What is online therapy?
Not sure what online therapy is?
Find out the basics on this page.
Find out more
How to choose an online therapist
Some suggestions to help you pick a therapist or supervisor from our directoriesFind out more
Why is it important to have an online qualified therapist?
Read all about why ACTO holds it essential that all therapists on the directory have received training in working online.Find out more
Why three membership levels
Find out why we have three different levels of membershipFind out more
ACTO CYP Therapists
To work well with children and young people online takes additional training, read all about it here.Find out more
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