Training is a huge area so we have gathered a great deal of information for you.

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Why training is important
Working online adds a whole new skillset for therapists and we make sure all our listed therapists have that skillset.Find out more
How I became an online therapist
Read some personal stories about what drew some of our members to become online therapists.Find out more
Why supervision is important
Online work is a skill for therapists but also for supervisors. When a therapist works online they need someone as a supervisor that undersands the mechanics of working online.Find out more
Why three membership levels?
Not all trainings have the same level to show this ACTO uses three levels of membership and you can read about it here.Find out more
Continuing Professional Development
Perhaps you have lots of experience and training in some areas, but need further training in others? CPD courses or a modular diploma may be the way forward.Find out more
When you switch to working online make sure that your insurance covers this work as well. Read more about it here.Find out more

Some pointers when working internationally.

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