Student Memberships

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ACTO Student Membership

Who can join as a student member

ACTO offers two kinds of student memberships

  • If you are enrolled on a core face-to-face therapy courses
  • If you are enrolled in an online course endorsed by ACTO

Benefits of membership
  • Receive our regular newsletter
  • Have access to the membership areas of the ACTO site
  • Get advice on online therapy matters
  • Have full access to the ACTO International Database  
  • Be able to join the ACTO closed FaceBook group
  • And access the R&D online information hub (coming soon!) 
What happens when you finish your course?

When you finish your core F2F course and you want to continue as an ACTO member you can become an associate member and keep the same benefits as a student member.

When you finish your ACTO endorsed course you can apply to one of our memberships. Which one depends on the nature of your course.

How to apply

Please fill in the online application form.

Not sure which membership fits you? Have a look at our handy reference sheet.


Annual membership £20

(Fees are reviewed annually)

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