Why join ACTO

Why join ACTO?

Why would you join ACTO ?

You are already a member of a F2F professional body so you may be thinking, “Why do I also need to be a member of ACTO?”

The recent pandemic has brought forth the need to know how to work online. Many therapists were faced with making an abrupt decision to move their whole practice online and the need for knowledge and training was huge.

The fact is that online therapy has finally come of age.

And because of that, it has become abundantly clear that:

  • Online therapy is, paradoxically, similar to and different from Face-to-face therapy
  • There are different therapeutic, technical and theoretical considerations
  • Issues of risk assessment and management, assessment, contracting and legal and professional oversight, which need specialist knowledge
  • It is clear that there are both positive an negative indications for online therapy in its various formats.

ACTO has enabled many therapists to take their first steps in the online world and find the training that was right for them.

  • You are not alone. Working online can be lonely. Be part of a community
  • ACTO has a much used closed Facebook group were you can interact with other members
  • We will keep you up to date on what is happening in the world of online therapy
  • We are adding organisational members who offer useful services for ACTO members
  • Some organisational members also offer discounts on their products
  • ACTO can help you develop a career path within training for online therapy
  • Our international department will help you with questions you may have in this field
  • Full access to the international database
  • Have access to the findings of our research (R&D) department
  • Discounted rates for ACTO conferences
How to apply

If you decided that ACTO is for you, please fill in the registration page

If you have any further questions please don’t hesitate to contact us. Our admin team works hard to reply to all your questions. You can also find many of your questions on our FAQ pages.

Not sure which membership is right for you? Please have a look at our handy reference sheet below.