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ACTO promotes, maintains and improves online counselling and psychotherapy as a recognised method of therapeutic delivery within the mental health professions. This website aims to be a resource for those working online. We offer people searching for an online therapist or supervisor two directories of qualified practitioners to choose from.

  • Thinking of using video games therapeutically?
    Qualified Counsellor Ellie Finch explores the benefits & key considerations when using video games for working with younger clients. Perhaps, like me, you’ve experienced the children and young people you work with talk with enthusiasm about games like Minecraft or Fortnite – and could see how much using a video game therapeutically could engage them […]
  • Play to your strengths
    Two autistic members of ACTO challenge all of us to think differently This blog post is written by two autistic members of ACTO, with over thirty years of experience between us. We both became therapists before we knew we were autistic, and discovering something so essential about the selves we truly are has proved enlightening […]
  • ACTO is supporting Neurodiversity Celebration Week
    ACTO’s CYP team wish to bring awareness to Neurodiversity Celebration Week, which supports changes in attitude and understanding. Sienna Castellon, the founder of Neurodiversity Celebration week www.neurodiversityweek.com and a real innovator, has worked hard since 2018 to change minds and narratives from her own experiences, to ensure that we all move forward in a more […]
  • How to access the members area
    Find out more about a new feature on the website. The area that is only accessible to ACTO members.

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