Provide end-to-end mental health care with Tacklit

Demand for online therapy has increased a lot in the past two years, and yet the technology to manage your practice hasn’t really caught up.

Most software available is built for small businesses, and therapists are forced to make it work for their mental health practices by making different systems work together, while navigating GDPR and security concerns.

This webinar is for ACTO members, and hosted by our friends at Tacklit.

Tacklit is an online platform designed as an end-to-end mental health platform, by therapists, for therapists.

In this webinar we’ll look at what an end-to-end mental health platform means to online therapists, and their clients:

  • Go beyond the calendar. What does end-to-end care look like for your clients?
  • Say goodbye to copy/paste. The benefits of using a single platform to manage your whole practice.
  • Lock it down. The GDPR compliance challenges of online therapy and using (or not using) digital tools to store client records.
  • “Where did I save that..?” Keep all records, case-notes, reports, and invoices in one user-friendly, intuitive and secure platform

This event is for ACTO members only and will be recorded for use in our member library. If you are interested in becoming an ACTO member please contact our admin department.

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