Discover ACTO’s new Members only web pages!

ACTO’s website now has a whole section just for members.
Come along to discover for yourself how to access and use the various new features

What the workshop will cover:

Mieke and members of the Digital Media team will give you a guided tour around the new member’s area and tell you what you can find there. It is the first time we have been able to offer this exciting new feature for our members.

We will go over the following:-

• ACTO’s International directory

• Where to find the pages of our organisational members and their members’ only offers

• Where you can watch the replay of webinars

• Explore our new special interest sections where we will be gathering information on several important topics

• Receive a short presentation on what makes your directory entry stand out

If there is time we would love to hear your feedback…and hear what else you would like us to add.

We are also looking for more volunteers to join and help us populate the international directory and the special interest groups. If you would like to be included please let us know.

Some of our groups hold regular meetings and others are only just starting up.

However, we would love to welcome you and hope you will become part of this time of growth for the online world.

Book your place today!

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