Online Supervision – a crucial role for online therapy

Find out why it is so important to have training in online supervision when you are an online supervisor.

This session on online supervision will include both working with individuals and with groups, the consequences of providing supervision to online therapists who deliver their therapy either online or in a hybrid way.

Covid catapulted online therapy to the front of the mental health talking professions and consequently specialist online supervision is required to support online therapy. Pip has noticed a number of trends and changes as a result of the pandemic; she will discuss these, as they have an important impact on the supervision we supply and will require all of us to adapt with these trends. Online supervisors are in a very honoured position as we hear from so many online therapists which means we can spot trends often before others.

Anything digital is evolutionary, with rapid change, equally anything to do with online therapy and online supervision is going through equally rapid evolutionary changes – if we don’t keep up with these advances, supervisors, supervisees and most importantly our clients, lose out and get left behind.

Pip will base her session on her six dimension model which she is soon to publish. The session will be based around a case study designed to give participants a chance to discuss the issues that arise and how they might have managed the situation as well as sharing their views of the current situation in supervision. With the rapid increase in the number of trained online therapists it is evident that the profession needs more online supervisors, and currently there is a great shortage.

Pip will also be talking about getting the best out of your own supervision.

Further training

For those interested in training as an online supervisor (or to work in blended situations) The Academy for Online Therapy has a diploma in face to face, blended and online supervision course starting on 27th April with Pip as its course director. Many people believe that a training in online supervision isn’t necessary…. Pip will demonstrate why she believes training for online supervision is essential.

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