Why a business risk assessment is important for your practice


July 21


15:00 - 16:00

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FREE webinar Introduction to business Risk assessment-with specific reference to online working

Understanding how to undertake a risk assessment is important for all businesses, organisations including counsellors and therapists working online. In this free webinar, Mel Wilson (Integrative Therapist) and Dave (cyber security specialist) will show you why risk assessments are necessary and will also provide some useful hints and tips.

In this introduction we will explore how to initiate this process and the considerations & mitigation you might want to include as well as a discussion on individual areas should time allow. For example, this is not just about blindly following is ‘X the right program to use’…. or ‘what is the security of Y’.

Risk assessments incorporate the need to function as a business, the requirements of the customer base and the necessity of protecting the business and clients from cyber and other potential attacks and data breaches. There is no one size fits all…

Mel is an Integrative Therapist working online with Children, Young People and adults. She holds a MSc in Evolutionary psychology, which covers many things including human risk assessment strategies. She is currently a PhD, doctoral candidate in Computer Science, with a strong psychology influence around the risks & mitigations for CYP during the Covid pandemic period. Or more simply a cyber psychologist.

Prior to moving towards psychology & psychotherapy she had been, and continues to be, a Company Director from the age of 18, running small to multi-million pound companies and has also been a Trustee Chair in charities. Risk assessment being part of her remit including laboratories, factories, construction, stunt work, long term CYP exchanges, business risk and many other areas.

Dave works in cyber security having done so in the public and private sector since leaving the Royal Signals 22 years ago after 11 years of service. He has worked in a variety of high-risk businesses focusing on cyber risk.

He has a PGDip in Cyber Security and is in the process of completing his MSc in Cyber Security, where his research is around risk perception, and confidence in formal risk decision making.

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