How I became an online therapist

Eleanor Carn

“I became an online therapist in 2015 after realising that many people who could benefit from regular therapy might be unable to make appointments that they had to also factor in costs to travel to and from sessions, or were put off by the idea of being in a waiting room, or were unable to carve out the time to go out for therapy due to work or childcare, or other factors. My traditional therapy training was quite anti the idea of online therapy, seeing it as less than the “real thing” of face to face, I always felt this was wrong, and that not changing with the times would one unhelpful for clients and therapists alike. We use the internet for everything else, why should therapy be different? I believe in meeting clients where they are, and that the right match between a client and a therapist shouldn’t just be dictated by geographical proximity. Being able to meet clients online has also allowed for flexibility when clients have needed to relocate, changed work, or had major life changes like having children. 

Since training in online therapy, as well as the UK, I have worked with clients in Malaysia, India, France, Slovenia, and Hong Kong. For many English Speaking expats, the ability to have therapy in their first language is invaluable. 

I currently still live in the UK, although my dream is to move to a slightly warmer climate! Working online makes this a possibility too.” 

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