How I became an online therapist

Katrina Healey-Davis

Back in the day, when I trained as a counsellor, there was no mention of online work, and there was a happy assumption that all work would be face to face.  I am hoping times have changed and that future therapists are shown the opportunities that working remotely can bring during their training.  Sadly, it took a pandemic for me to be pushed into online work, but I’ve loved it!  Back at the beginning of the first lockdown I began training, and have enjoyed, and learnt so much that I am now undertaking a course in online supervision.  Will the Covid restrictions being lifted change me back to being solely face to face?  Absolutely not!  I plan on offering only part of my private practice as face-to-face work, the rest will remain in a virtual world – I believe in its merits that much. 

Katrina Healey-Davis is ACTO’s International Director

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