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Our Voice is Our Future

Join Us for Our Special Event – Thursday 13 June, 7-9pm UK

As practitioners in counselling and therapy, we are all well aware of the challenges facing us:

● The difficulty in securing referrals for private practice
● Working below our financial means with platforms that do not align with our practice
● Incorporating new tools and technologies for online practice
● Feeling disempowered in a technological age with a broken business model

These are the hurdles we face, but how do we overcome them?

At ACTO, we believe that the key lies in empowering our members with knowledge, tools, connections, and confidence. We’re dedicated to partnering with organisations that share our values and can provide support to both us and our clients.

If you’re looking for innovative ways to transform your practice, come along to our next exciting event!

Our voice is our future (Online)
Thursday 13 June – 7 – 9pm UK

Join us as we work towards empowering you to build your own practise “toolbox”, leveraging the latest in technology.

We have invited our industry partner, PlaySpace, to present how they’ve been working with practitioners in Canada and USA to unlock potential with their sessions using technology. We will cover the following topics as well as a Q&A discussion afterwards:

● The main challenges facing practitioners with private practice
● The current online therapy landscape and the pivotal role that practitioners play in shaping its near future
● How PlaySpace is taking a new approach to developing technological solutions by putting practitioners in the driver’s seat
● How ACTO members can access these technological solutions such as VR, virtual playroom tools such as Dollhouse and Sandtray, and more

Our goal is to create an open forum where members can come together, discuss these challenges, learn and get more involved.

But we need your input, your views and your involvement: whether you are a practitioner working with CYP or adults. All are welcome! It’s free to attend, however you do need to reserve your spot:

How to join: Click on the Eventbrite page.

By the end of this event, we’re confident you’ll join us in our excitement for the future, brimming with new tools at your disposal, opportunities for involvement, and exclusive access to solutions you can put into practice.

Together, we can turn challenges into opportunities and pave the way for a brighter future in counselling and therapy.

Thank you.

See you on the 13th June!

Basi Amodu

Chair, ACTO

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Thinking About Online Counselling Training?

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OLT4c have several options.  We are fully online, delivering training in online counselling and supervision including diploma level to therapists PLUS we offer bespoke training courses to skilled helpers, helpline advisors and support staff assisting them to use their skills and work therapeutically and safely remotely.

Enrolling now for our in-depth qualifications beginning in September and October 2021.

Announcements News

Fee increase announcement (From June 1st)

Membership Fees

From June 1st 2021, ACTO is introducing a small increase in its membership fees to keep pace with inflation. They are as follows:

Level 1 Member from £38.75 to £40 
Level 2 Professional Member (including directory) from  £56.75 to £60 
Level 3 Senior Professional Member from £56.75 to £60 
Associate from £30 to £35  
Student from £19 to £20 
Supervisors Directory from £12 to £15

Announcements News

As the online world changes, ACTO has responded

As always, we welcome as “ACTO Professional Members”, therapists who have completed tutor-led, assessed ‘Certificate” courses (Level 2).

We now also welcome as ACTO Members  therapists who have done (unassisted) Level 1 CPD courses around online therapy.

ACTO also wants to encourage advanced training – so we have created ‘Senior Professional Membership’.

So – three levels of Membership – and three levels of ACTO Online Training Provider courses to match them.

The headlines:

  • If you were a “Professional Member” of ACTO prior to 01/10/2020, you will continue as an “ACTO Professional Member” (Level 2). Nothing to do. Nothing changes.
  • If you have done CPD (especially an ACTO Level 1 course) you can become an ACTO Member – with all the benefits of Membership – but not listing on the Professional Register.
  • For those who completed an advanced training (typically 200 – 300+ hours) or have an online supervision qualification (c. 100+ hours), you can apply for ACTO Senior Professional Membership.

How to apply

After a pause to regroup and prepare our processes and paperwork, we reopen for new applications and renewals on 1st November.

  • If you wish to join ACTO, please visit the website. There are individual pages describing the individual levels of Membership and Membership benefits – and Application forms there. ACTO Membership (Level 1) costs £38.75.

ACTO Professional Level and Senior Professional Membership (Levels 2 & 3) cost £56.75.

  • If you are renewing, ACTO will contact you, as before.
  • If you wish to upgrade your membership from Level 2 to Level 3, you can do so at this point.
  • If you wish to upgrade your membership from Professional to Senior Professional Level at a different time from your renewal, you can do so for a one-off fee of £25. This is to cover processing and ‘enhancing’ your entry on the Professional Register.
  • If your training is non-ACTO or you wish to change membership levels other than by a course, we are rolling out a ‘grand-parenting’ programme. Please contact us for further information.

We hope that you will continue to value ACTO Membership. We have an exciting programme of developments in hand.

Adrian M Rhodes

Chair, ACTO

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ACTO Guidance on Security and Privacy for Therapists Providing Online Therapy During the COVID-19 Crisis

This current document supersedes all previous guidance on the same subject 

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