Talking to children and young people about the invasion of Ukraine

The following links may help CYP, parents and practitioners. We acknowledge that for families who had have to flee other war torn areas, these events may be triggering for them and their children.  We also want to acknowledge that this may feel like another disaster after the last two years of isolation and loss with Covid-19.  

It is important though that if children and young people are asking questions, we answer them as openly and honestly as we can – with a response appropriate to their age. We also recognise the sense of not knowing may impact the overriding feelings of anxiety for both adults and young people.

We therefore feel that finding ways to ground children, young people and ourselves will help to process the emerging information about the invasion of Ukraine.

We hope that you find these resources useful.

Anxiety reduction and calming/grounding strategies

Talking to Teenagers about the invasion in the Ukraine

  • Anna Freud also complied some useful suggestions with BBC Bitesize for parents and carers.

The UK Trauma Council, founded by the Anna Freud Centre has a range of information for families and professionals.  A resource page on how to support refugee and asylum-seeking children from all parts of the world who have experienced trauma. Reports are emerging on lone children crossing borders from Ukraine, this information may be of particularly beneficial for professionals. Here is a list of their support resources to help professionals get started. They also have training available.

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