ACTO is supporting Neurodiversity Celebration Week

ACTO’s CYP team wish to bring awareness to Neurodiversity Celebration Week, which supports changes in attitude and understanding. Sienna Castellon, the founder of Neurodiversity Celebration week and a real innovator, has worked hard since 2018 to change minds and narratives from her own experiences, to ensure that we all move forward in a more enlightened and educated way. ACTO support this.

Here are some links about experiences from different celebrities who challenge stereotypes and help us to create an open forum for support, learning and of course, celebration.

Steve McQueen (3min 47sec):

Michael Phelps (2min 53sec):

Dr Maggie Aderin-Pocock (3min 55sec):

Chris Packham (4min 25sec):

Keira Knightley (4min 04sec):

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