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Online therapy provides a way for more clients to access therapy and in a way that they chose. I love to work with clients to enable them to build the therapy services that best suits their needs and can draw on my experience to ensure that therapy feels safe and containing as well drawing on the clients interests and help develop their resources.

I work with a variety of clients, from teenagers to adults, and in a variety of formats to best suit the client. I originally trained in psychodynamic psychotherapy with an interest in children and young people, and have since also trained in trauma-informed mindfulness and working with neurodiversity. For my neurodiverse clients, I aim to provide a 'neurodiverse-friendly service' that builds on strengths and resources, whilst being a space to hear the areas that are difficult and challenging. I have trained therapists to work online for some years, up to and including Diploma ACTO level 3 certification. I am also a Director on the ACTO Board specialising in Children and Young People. I have been involved in developing the ACTO Children and Young People Therapy Network and producing the ACTO CYP Competencies to ensure best practice in working with CYP clients online.

I like to work with my client to build a therapy space that feels safe and personal for them. We can look at what resources and interests the client may already have, and how these may be developed online in a secure way to be included in the therapy. A client may have playlists for relaxation, or for exercising, or they may take photos, or play online games; all these resources can be thought about in the therapy so the client feels they are accessing a therapy space that is personal to them.
I know that many who have experienced trauma may feel unsafe, so my emphasis is to build safety around them so they feel supported. The client can then begin to explore at their pace what brings them to therapy knowing that they are heard and have resources in place to best support them.
I can draw on my Trauma-Informed Mindfulness training to help clients develop an awareness of their own responses, whether bodily sensations, feelings, or thoughts and how these may trigger feelings of lack of safety. We look at how the client may be enabled to to move from feeling unsafe, to greater safety and connection, often drawing on their special interests such as music, images, games, as well as breathing practices and other grounding resources.
I am also trained to work with avatars in therapy and have found this a playful way to develop insights for the client around aspects they may be exploring about their own self, but also in relationships.

Neurodiverse, including ADHD, Autism, Dyslexia, Dyspraxia
Young People
Anxiety and Depression

Video, Audio, Live Chat, Email

Young People
Neurodiversity, including Autism, ADHD, dyslexia and dyspraxia
Mindfulness-based interventions
Anxiety and Depression management
Avatar therapy


I offer a sliding scale with £50 per session being the maximum.


Online Supervisor Profile

I offer supervision online that aims to provide a safe and containing space to explore what your clients are bringing and what resources can support that work. Safety and security are at the heart of my work and we can work together to ensure best practice for your clients, whether adults or children and young people.

I offer online supervision to those working with face-to-face clients as well as online clients. Having trained therapists to work online to Diploma ACTO level 3 certification, I can draw on my experience to inform best practice and support the supervision. I have been trained to work with Neurodiversity and am part of an online CPD and supervision group that works with clients with ASD and ADHD. I also specialise in trauma-informed approaches and can offer supervision that supports trauma-sensitive work. I also have experience of working with higher risk clients in an online context, and have been involved in projects around developing online risk assessment practices. I regularly attend safeguarding trainings so I can offer up-to-date support. I also offer supervision for therapists working with children and young people online and as the Director of ACTO with responsibility for CYP, I was involved in writing the ACTO CYP competencies to ensure best practice.

Grief and bereavement
Anxiety and depression
Young people
Managing risk online and safeguarding

Shohet and Shohet wrote their book 'In love with Supervision' to convey their emphasis on supervision being 'transformative conversations' and this influenced me to develop 'In love with ONLINE supervision'. Just as their seven-eyed model looks at the context and relationships around the supervision relationship, I like to do this in an online context. There are so many resources, both creative and for safeguarding online, and we can work out together which ones may suit for each situation.
To develop 'Transformative Conversations' online, I think the supervision needs to feel that there is a bedrock of experience and competence, but also engagement and a place to explore ways to work.
Having trained therapists to work online for some years, I can draw on my experience of online therapy to support the supervision, be it safeguarding concerns, risk assessment practices, or resources to support the therapeutic process.

Video, Audio, Live Chat, Email

£50 for an hour of supervision



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