Trauma Special Interest Group

ACTO is setting up a Special Interest Group for practitioners specialising in trauma related issues. Find out more about the group below.

Who is the group for?

This group will be for individuals who want to explore and share their understanding of working with clients online who present with a history of past or recent trauma(s).  As we begin to consider the topic some initial questions came to mind.

What is trauma? 

It comes in many shapes and sizes and often comes in disguise. Put simply, it is often defined as an experience, or traumatic event, that we find deeply distressing that can cause us to think, feel and behave differently either in the short-term or throughout our lives. However, whilst each of us may have a different perception of trauma and how we uniquely respond to it, there are also many common elements in how our minds and bodies respond. 

The role of the Trauma SIG

In this group we can look at ‘what is trauma?’:

  • What difference does working with trauma ‘online’ make?
  • How confident do we feel?
  • What special considerations might there be?
  • How can we support our clients to navigate these difficult experiences to start their journey of healing? 
  • What helps?
  • What do different clients need?
  • How can online talking therapies and creativity play their part?
  • What does the literature have to say and what specific guidance is there?
  • What experience have you had and have there been any particular learning curves you have experienced?

We might also be interested to think about ourselves as therapists and vicarious trauma. When we are working ‘remotely’ online how do we ensure we are not working in isolation and suffering as a result.

These are some of the questions that we have come up with, but you may have questions of your own to bring for discussion. This group to be led by members active participation.


Next meeting will be held via Zoom on Saturday 27th January 2024. Contact us via email below for access details.

Contact Us

If you are interested in building a community of practice working online with trauma, then please email:

Liz Harrison & Cal Nield

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