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I studied English literature, and later law, at university. I worked in law publishing in both the United States and in London, and for four years at a law firm in Amsterdam. My later experience at Citizens Advice, both as a volunteer and an employee, inspired me to embark on a career in psychotherapy and counselling. In my role as an employed money and benefits adviser, my clients were not just struggling with debt, they were suffering with anxiety, depression and mental health issues. I realised that negotiating with creditors, and developing financial statements and debt management plans was not enough. I found that in order to best assist my clients, it was necessary to understand, non-judgmentally their journey before taking the step to come and see me. Most often, they felt totally overwhelmed; they were dealing with issues including mental illness, depression, suicide attempts, addiction and abuse. In some cases, my clients had never spoken to anyone about these difficulties before. I took the time to listen to their stories, which they often found healing in itself – to be heard, empathically and non-judgmentally. So, that is what led me to train as a counsellor and psychotherapist. I find my work incredibly rewarding and it is a privilege to share in clients' innermost struggles and to support and empower them to take their next steps in the journey of life.

Anxiety, Chronic Pain and Illness, Depression, Self Esteem/Self Confidence, Loss (including bereavement, relationships, jobs/retirement), Trauma

You may be considering therapy for a variety of reasons. There may be a specific issue or you may wish to understand yourself in a deeper and more meaningful way. I can support you to look at aspects of your life and help you to identify patterns, develop strategies and further insight and perspective to resolve personal issues and find new ways forward.

I specialise in two areas, anxiety and chronic pain and illness:

Being stuck in a cycle of anxiousness and/or having low self-confidence can be overwhelming, and may be stopping you from living life as you would like. I can support you to make sense of this, find new meaning and new ways of coping. You may also experience physical symptoms such as headaches or IBS. Your body may actually be carrying the weight of your anxiety. I welcome the opportunity to work through this with you and support you to be the person that you truly want to be. Therapy is helpful because it gives you the ability to focus solely on your experiences with a trained professional who can work with you to ease your anxiety. I work on an individual basis, not sticking to one particular therapeutic model or framework for each client. Working alongside you, at your own pace, we focus on the here-and-now, examining what you struggle with, identify your triggers and set realistic aims. You might want to examine experiences from your past which may have had an impact which you may or may not be aware of. These experiences may be useful as an insight in understanding what is happening for you now. We sometimes carry patterns of behaviour with us which may have originally protected us, for example, but now they keep us trapped in an cycle, of which we no longer have need. We examine them from an open, curious and non-judgmental perspective so that you may learn to face your anxieties and live more meaningfully.

Chronic Pain and Illness
I also specialise in supporting people with chronic pain and chronic illness, such as CFS/ME, fibromyalgia and autoimmune conditions. The focus on chronic conditions is mainly focused on managing, often debilitating, physical symptoms. However, the psychological and emotional impact of these conditions and symptoms are equally relevant and important. In my research and my work with clients I frequently encounter people who do not feel believed or heard and sometimes have been told ‘there’s nothing wrong with you’ ‘it’s all in your head’ ‘or ‘you need to try harder’. This in turn can add to your physical and psychological pain. I believe you and I will work with you with empathy and without judgment. I will support you holistically to live an enriched life within the limitations of your condition. We can utilise various techniques and will explore together which are appropriate for you.

Whatever your reason for seeking therapy, I offer you my warmth, empathy and compassion, without judgment, and I welcome the opportunity to work alongside you, as we navigate through even the most difficult times in your life.

adults of all ages


I offer a free 20 minute initial video ot phone consultation so you can ask questions and see if you might want to work with me.

I charge £65 per 50 minute online/telephone and face-to-face session, payable at least 24 hours in advance.