Australian Online Therapy Training (AOTT) Pty Ltd is spearheaded by Renée McDonald. Renée has extensive experience as a clinician and adult educator in a variety of face-to-face and online environments.

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Australian Online Therpay Training

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AOTT courses are unique, in that they utilise training and accelerated learning principles, research, new concepts and specialised information, especially pertaining to Renée’s academic research and practical experience. AOTT courses are tailored to your needs to help you survive the modern Online Therapy and Telehealth climate.

AOTT takes a ‘reverse’ approach to learning to standard and conventional colleges and training programs, whereby there’s an acknowledgement of innate skills and abilities within the therapists to adapt, be flexible and attend to the changing demand of their world around them.

This reversal approach results in a ‘steps’ and ‘levels’ approach to learning, whereby practitioners can dip in and out of the immersive learning environment and come back to their learning as they choose.

If learners wish to become ACTO members, there are expiry dates on the time limit in which they can achieve the overall certification.

It is expected that learners who wish to transfer and become ACTO members, complete Levels 1 through to 4, to achieve the training hours required through the suite of courses available.

The suite of courses that AOTT offer that are applicable to ACTO membership are;

Level 1 Fundamentals of Online Therapy Course

Level 2 Advanced Online Therapy Course (including unique trademarked terms)

Level 3 Online Group Work Skills   AND/OR

Level 3A Online Relationship Therapy

Level 4 Online Therapy Process Groups

Once learners have completed Levels 1 through to 4, the practitioner can apply for the full certification of Qualified & Certified Online Practitioner – where the sum total of the courses is the required hours for membership of ACTO.

Other courses, that can assist already qualified ACTO members, or the online therapy community, are;

Level 1A Online Education – Learn how to deliver and build online courses. If you’ve considered running your own online courses, this course covers simple strategies to get you on your way to assist your practice to build and specifically work with your target groups in new ways through educating them online.

Level 2A Online Supervision – Using McDonald’s Online Clinical Supervision research, this is a short intensive course to advance already practising Clinical Supervisors to move seamlessly into the online supervision environment.

Social media and existence – Focusing on the ethics, the existential realm and the individual, this is no marketing course. Instead, this particular course allows learners to uncover the hidden nuance, ethical dilemmas and new world existence that lies hidden under the surface of social media for us all.

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