OCST has provided online counselling and Supervision training since 2006
  • All training programmes are ACTO approved, offering either Level 2 or Level 3 membership
  • Are facilitated by tutor led meetings, in group or individual tuition contexts
  • All OCST tutors having extensive training design and delivery backgrounds, including role of regional external verifier for CPCAB.
  • OCST programmes are designed to assist private practitioners and organisations secure full confidence and competency in managing and delivering both counselling and supervision online, across all aspects of client base and service delivery.

We understand how busy practitioners are and the need to offer flexibility within our programmes. You can choose either a group or one- to- one training programme, with flexible start dates.

In conjunction with over 15 years of online practice, the principal tutor was one of the founder members of ACTO and served as their Professional Conduct officer for a seven-year term.

OCST tutors are deeply passionate and committed to online counselling and supervision practice and this is reflected within the quality of training and workshops we offer.

OCST programmes cover:
  • The full range or mediums offered within online practice and are in line with BACP and ACTO competencies framework.

For those who wish to focus on telephone/voice only and webcam practice, there is specific training available, which offers eligibility for level 2 ACTO membership.

Transferring clinical face to face counselling and supervision practice into online media requires additional skills and competencies to those within face-to-face contact. Securing an effective and ethical online supervision presence and the development of relational qualities which promote positive outcomes for client and supervisees requires additional consideration. This factor is central to all OCST programmes available.

ACTO Eligible Courses

Online Counselling Training

OCST2 Online Counselling Diploma ( all online mediums)- ACTO Level 2 

OCST4 Online Counselling Certificate ( webcam and telephone/audio mediums)- Level 2 

OCST1 Online Counselling  Diploma – Lone study option ( all mediums) ACTO Level 2 

Online Supervision Training

OCST Online Supervision Diploma- Tutor led group meetings ( ACTO Level 3 senior professional membership)

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