Mission statement

  • ACTO promotes, maintains, improves and advances online counselling and ·psychotherapy and other online psychological support as a recognised method of therapeutic delivery within the mental health professions;
  • ACTO is the representative body for professional online psychological therapists who are members of the Association;
  • ACTO act as an advisory body in the education and training of online therapists working in either paid or unpaid settings, whether full or part time with a view to raising the standards in the principles, practice and skills of online therapy for the benefit of the community and in particular for those who are the recipients of online therapy;
  • ACTO advances the education of the public regarding the role of online therapy generally and in particular aims to meet the needs of those members of society where development and participation in therapy is impaired by mental, physical or social disadvantage or disability.

Legal Stuff

ACTO is the trading name Association for Counselling and Therapy Online Ltd;

Registered address: 19B Front Street, Sacriston, County Durham, DH7 6JS United Kingdom.

Registered in England; Company limited by guarantee in England and Wales No. 10620417.  

Although our members may not all be resident within England and Wales any ACTO contract, and the work to which it relates, are subject to the jurisdiction of the laws of England & Wales.

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