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Kara Connect

Summary KARA

Kara Connect is a secure digital workstation that links therapists, healthcare specialists, and educators with patients in a seamless and secure way. We are at the forefront of mental health accessibility.  We provide professionals with an all-in-one solution, a secure workplace in a browser and a digital door for their clients. Built in the Nordics since 2014 the Kara team understands the dedication and stress put on upon professionals. 

Kara is your engine to build a secure digital access point for your clients or trainees.  

How KARA supports online therapy work

Today therapists in Kara have delivered almost 15.000+ online sessions. Healthcare is no longer a commodity reserved for those who can afford the high costs of transportation and therapists’ office services. In an increasingly digitalised world, we can use digital tools to help both therapists themselves, and inherently patients – as an increase in accessibility, increases the likelihood of people getting the relevant mental health support they desire. Kara simplifies access to support both for the client and the therapist.

  • Secure workstation
  • Digital booking system
  • Automatic reminders
  • Secure teleconsultation solution
  • End-to-end encrypted client notes
  • Payment system
  • Connections to databases and calendars
  • Safe Group rooms for i.e. group support, peer to peer support and networking. (launching soon)

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