Olivia Djouadi


My name is Olivia Djouadi and I am a UKCP member and a graduate of Regents University in Integrative Counselling and Psychotherapy. I also trained with IMT Integrative Mindbody Therapy, a type of Body Therapy with Dr. Asaf Rolef Ben-Shahar. I also trained with OLT online counselling for therapists and did the general, diploma and DOTS course so I can practice as an online supervisor. I now also tutor at OLT.

 Presently I work a lot with those that have experienced trauma including those who have survived and escaped from cults. I also work with chronic illness as there seems to be a link between childhood trauma and chronic illness in adulthood. In 2019 I gave a talk on captivity at the International Cultic Studies Association conference in Manchester. I have also given talks on DID, polyfragmented DID, Diabulimia, Cultural Therapy, Cults and a range of other topics at Onlinevents. I also spoke on chronic illness/ autoimmune conditions at OCTIA a few years ago where I would meet many of my online counselling colleagues. I contributed a chapter about working creatively with chronic conditions in the book Online Supervision.

 Before my life as a psychotherapist I worked with refugees and spent many years as a keywork at a nursery with young children with severe disabilities. I also helped their parents to come to terms with having a child with additional needs. I also have an adult son with cerebral palsy and I have two unseen conditions which are type 1 diabetes since 1973 and multiple sclerosis since 2015. This is why working online can be really helpful for both myself and others with extra needs both in the UK and worldwide.

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