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The longer I work as a therapist the more convinced I am that when I go into the therapy room I do not meet an issue, a problem, or a diagnosis; I meet a human being. And if we are going to work together, then I need to be seeing the client’s world (as far as I can) through the client’s eyes. The founder of person-centred therapy, Carl Rogers, said “The best vantage point for understanding behavior is from the internal frame of reference of the individual.” So I hesitate to say that I specialise in any particular issue; I hope I specialise in listening deeply and with attention to human beings. However, there are certain areas in which I do have particular experience and / or training. Some of them are: - people suffering from anxiety, depression or low self-esteem, perhaps as a result of past trauma. - people with, or exploring, a diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Condition. I am autistic myself and while that doesn't mean we will have the same experience of life, you may well find it helpful to work with an autistic therapist. You can find an interview with me on this at The Squarepeg Podcasts, Series 2 episode 7: "Empathy, feeling 'alien' and being fluent in Neurotypical: being an autistic counsello‪r‬."‬ - people who have lost someone important to them, recently or many years ago, by death, disappearance or separation. - people who are discovering or questioning their faith/spirituality, or who have suffered spiritual abuse, whether in cults or in mainstream religious organisations. I am a fully qualified Certified Cyber-Therapist and for the moment I am working only online. I offer video counselling through, which is a very secure and straightforward platform that does not require any download or installation. I also offer counselling by telephone and by secure, end-to-end encrypted e-mail. The foundation of person-centred therapy is the belief that, damaged, discouraged and desperate as we may be, we all have a natural impetus towards health; as its founder, Carl Rogers, put it, towards “becoming the self that we truly are”. A person-centred counsellor is not the expert in their client's condition; only the client can be that. We are counsellor and client, yes, but first and foremost we are two human beings. What works isn’t techniques or any wisdom the counsellor might have, but the therapeutic relationship between those two human beings: it is the relationship that heals. The counselling room is a safe place to think, say or feel things you need to say, think or feel, knowing that you will be met with respect, empathy and honesty.

Autism, especially late-diagnosed women
Spiritual and faith issues, including spiritual abuse
Loss and bereavement
Depression and anxiety


"I currently have no availability for new clients, but if you are specifically looking for an autistic therapist, I am in contact with many others and am very happy to make referrals / give you their contact details."

Adults (over 18)

I understand French, Spanish, Italian and German; my speaking of them is rusty!

I don't charge for the first session. Thereafter I operate a sliding scale of fees, from £50 to £25 per hour - you decide where you sit on that scale. This applies more than ever in the current situation in which many people's finances are precarious. While I would not like anyone to miss out on counselling because they can't afford it, I would appreciate it if those who can would pay the full fee.

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