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Here be monsters!

Really… there’s Humbaba

Duncan Branley

many colours available for your unique personal palette to support your needs, requirements and goals for therapy. http://adadsu.com/online-therapy/ You may be in a life transition, grief/loss, question your life purpose, or feel your relationships with partners, friends or family are difficult. I specialise in relationship issues, life purpose, grief/loss, trauma, and LGBT+ matters for adults and adolescents. I offer a safe, unbiased space to talk that is removed from your direct family and friends. This freedom to speak openly can be helpful when trying to talk through tricky and uncomfortable feelings. Talking things through with a trained therapist can really make a difference. It can provide different perspectives previously hidden from view and help you uncover solutions that are right for you. I understand how it can feel to be in these tricky, even dark places